7 Ways To Succeed In School & Life!


7 Ways To Ensure Success While In School

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  1. Read Books
    1. Now not to read more of History before 1875, or Biological Sciences but to read more of books that add value and will benefit you in the real world. Read books that can teach you things we’re not taught in school. We’re not taught the importance of learning to communicate with people which is every human’s most valuable asset. We don’t learn the language of money such as steps to budgeting our income, taxes and starting a business. So it is our responsibility to go out and acquire this knowledge.  A few Books that students should read are 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, How to Win Friends and Influence People, the Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco and Conquer Your Campus by Mark Redman
  2. Study The Stories of Successful People You Admire
    1. This is probably the best way to model success. If there is someone that is your role model, an influential person in your field of studies or business, or a really smart friend you have, ask and model their routines that ensures them success. It’s normally not what you think. In most cases these people either started with studying and crafting habits that would make them successful from birth. They would be in the library 6-8 hours a day studying their subjects or craft. They would be making tests for themselves to test their skills before the actual test. They always put in the work, so come test day when they get straight A’s or when they receive their first big check a lot of us think it was luck or they’ve always been good at that thing…but it’s really never that. I suggest reading the stories of Benjamin Franklin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Elon Musk and Michael Jordan and speaking to your professors. The book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell goes in depth on the lives, habits and experiences that create a successful person. Highly recommended read.
  3. Meet New People Every Day
    1. School is the most diverse environment you will be exposed to during these younger years, so make sure to utilize your time by meeting and mingling with people from different walks of life. It is a great way to learn stories on things you’ve never know, meet a future business partner or a future lover. Don’t be shy because almost all college students are shy and just want to make more friends too.
  4. Interact With Your Professors
    1. Make close ties and connections with your teachers. This is the best way to ensure success in a class. When a teacher see that you’re not only engaged in the class but also engaged in themselves they will treat you better voluntarily wanting to ensure your success in their class. Utilize their office hours. This is a great means to really connecting with your teacher. Tell them your true struggles in class, on assignments and depending on the teacher your life’s struggles. They’ll appreciate your need for assistance and will want to help you, it’s their job! And going back to point two above, ask them how they attained their success in school and life. Most of your teachers have gone through the process of obtaining a Master and Doctorate degrees which requires thousands of hours of preparation and training. These are best people to ask how to pass your classes and tips to ensure success. They will be one of your most valuable asset, so don’t squander it.
  5. Go Out and Party
    1. We highly suggest to avoid any forms of partying if you are a high schooler or younger reading this. Keep this to the college kids. In high school there are too many risk factors that will be detrimental to you if you get in trouble. You’ll face discipline from your parents, disciplinary actions with school officials, removal from school programs and possibly a case with the law. It’s just not worth it so wait. But for the college readers and up attend social gatherings. College is place where there are lots of parties and in a safer, suitable environment. Most colleges and universities actually encourage their students to adhere to strict guidelines when hosting a party such as a student ID check in and check out system, sober monitors and designated drivers. These are things most high schoolers DON’T have access to. Parties are a great way to sharpen and hone your social skills. We subconsciously learn how to approach people in certain circumstances increasing our Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Also you get to live a little, but indulge in moderation. Likewise any form of activity that doesn’t relate to improving yourself at school or business do it in moderation and know when to drop certain activities. Attend a party once every other week or two each month, keep it to a minimum and make sure to party responsibly.
  6. Don’t Procrastinate
    1. This is key. “Procrastination is the thief of dreams” said by an Indian tribe chief. ‘Oh! I forgot to turn in that assignment I got two weeks ago; Oh! I should’ve studied more for that test; Oh! I have a big assignment due in a month…I’ll start in a week”. These are common phrases heard on every college campus. Falling into a habit of doing things last minute and not prioritizing will lead to failure. When you’re assigned work to do start it right away. Even if it’s just answering one question or reading it for 10 minutes you have already accomplished half the battle.
  7. Be The Dumbest Person In The Room
    1. Tai Lopez refers to this concept as the 33% rule. Spend 33% of your time with those below you academically, socially and financially, 33% with those at the same level as you academically, socially and financially and 33% with those above you in these three areas. By engaging in this behavioral pattern you will be exposed to many situations learning what to do, what not to do and what you are doing right. This is applicable to business, life and in school.


  1. Audition you professors
    1. Have you ever signed up for a class and had a teacher that was absolutely boring and didn’t really add much value? We have but now utilize sources such as RateMyProfessor.com, people who have taken the class or personally meeting with the prospective professor before classes start. This is a way to make sure you get a professor you can understand making you attentive in class and being able to truly learn the material from an engaging teacher
  2. Set Timely Goals
    1. Create a goals system that you can account for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Quick tips on this are to create a poster or have a whiteboard stating your goals so you can have a visual cue to make sure your working at those goals every day.
  3. Read Your Syllabus
    1. This is one that blow over many students’ heads. They’ll miss deadlines, what material is being covered and not even understand how the class will be. Syllabus’ are like a road map to a class stating your teacher’s expectations, grading policies and guidelines. Make sure to read it and keep it and refer back to it.

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