Snapchat Study Secret

First, if you are a college student, entrepreneur, business owner or social media expert, and DON’T have a Snapchat account, you are behind the curve.

Snapchat is a great medium to share live uploads of your daily experiences and re-watch for 24 hours.

But Snapcat also has an influence in the classroom.

Recently in Anatomy and Physiogy II , we were identifying structures in a dissected cat. Normally I would take pictures of structures to later on create pictorial study guides with definitions, labels. Processes etc. a very time consuming process. But with Snapchats texts and coloring features I was able to simply take a picture of what I was looking at, highlight apply text to the picture within seconds, save time, create a badass study guide and gain followers in the process.

On top of that I was able to have these pictures readily available in my phone to revise them when I was idle.
Also, (depending on your snapchat follower demographic) I could post the pictures to my story and share with my classmates. It also brings in many more followers to your Snapchat account.

So, tip is to

  1. Use snapchat features to help Label diagrams, book passages, math equations etc.
  2. Save them to a folder where you can easily recall to them during a study session
  3. Be generous and share your pictures, if beneficial, with other classmates.

Hope this helps. If you have any other cool and interesting tips leave a comment down below or hit us up @AOG_Enterprises on Twitter.

God Bless,


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