Why You Should Read More Sociology

In the world of personal development, sales and business there is a lot of talk on why you should study personality types, cognitive biases and body language. All various realms of psychology.

It’s great and gives you the advantage to read your opponents or customers next move so you can properly accommodate them.

But a field highly intertwined with Psychology is Sociology. WithPsychology  being the study of the human psyche, Sociology is the study of human social interaction, habits, caste systems etc.

I’m currently reading Class: A Guide Through The American Status System by Paul Fussell. It’s a very enjoyable, easy and witty read on what defines a person as upper class, middle class and lower class. He goes through how you can distincting ones class based on financial wealth, childhood, the kind of car they drive, whether they like dogs or cats (middle to upper class people own dogs. You rank higher in class if you own multiple. Suck it cats!).

I had the thought that this along with psychology can help you size up a person using psychological cues and sociological cues.

If you’re a car salesman and have a customer that boast on wanting to have the top of the line car, you know how to manipulate them psychologically, but you don’t know if they truly have the funds or are secure enough to buy the car. So with sociology if the person likes to drive moderately slow and in the middle lane, be ready to get a commission on that sale because according to Fussel, “the higher your class, the slower you drive and in the middle lane”.

A very extreme generalization but on my way to the library I noticed that most of the “nicer” cars with high class looking individuals wee in the middle lane.
Just a random blog post. If you think this was interesting let me know in the comments below!

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