What The Law of Attraction is Missing…

The Law of Attraction is a concept stating that if one wants something, with using positive thoughts and being open to the fact that you will get it, you will get what you want.

A concept I truly believe in and have seen work, but it has its flaws.

There was a time when I really wanted an A in a class. I wished and dreamt seeing the professor hand back A’s on all my exams. And guess what, I got an A the class and a 4.0 on the semester!

BUT, I envisioned another phenomenon happen. Along with envisioning the A’s on assignments I envisioned me spending hours reading over my notes and materials for the class, discussing class topics with other classmates, visiting professors when I didn’t understand a concept and reading books outside the class ciricullum.  And I what I realized was that these were actions I was taking to get an A.

There is a flaw or a missing piece to the law of attraction and it’s the Law of Action. No matter how hard you envision having something, it won’t come to you. But by taking the steps necessary to attaining what you want you will achieve what you want and then some with the law of attraction.

A great example of this is Actor Jason Statham. He is a 48 year old actor who began to bald in his late 20’s, mis 30’s. A devastating thing to young men. He began to wish if he could still attract certain types of girls into his life and how to live a great attractive lifestyle while being bald. (Law of Attraction).

So he began to work on his fitness making sure the rest of his body could distract from his head, he began to perfect his craft which was acting, putting him into high rated movies and traveling the world, and now he is married to Victoria Secret Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. He knew of something. Something that was if I do these certain actions and think of the positive outcomes I can get whatever I want.

I don’t know how else to really put this but to get anything out of life, you HAVE to put in the work.
YOU! Have to put in the work.

Click the link down below to read more on the Law of Attraction and how it intertwines with the other Universal Laws.
The Law of Action

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