College Degrees Entrepreneurial Minded Students Should Major In

If your’re in college and ant to start a business, know that your major can directly correlate with your success in college and after college. So it is key to choose the right major that satisfies both your natural talents and creates a practical career.

These 5 majors are great options for incoming college students, those who are undecided and in between majors or you want to leverage your major to assist your business path.

1. English/Creative Writing.

There’s not a single business out there that doesn’t need the skills of a professional writer. In fact, if you specialize in a field like search engine optimization, blogging or other aspects of technical writing, you’re golden. You might even want to open your own SEO company or monetize blogs for a living. Otherwise, you’re a step ahead of the competition when it comes to drafting business plans or appealing in text to potential investors.

2. Accounting or finance.

Understanding the Language of Money is the first step to….making money. Accounting and Finance will give you a steady base and background of understanding how to manage money, make more money, and understand ho to read financials and else. Understanding the financial aspects of a business can make it or break it. You can also consider starting your own financial consulting company.

3. Communication.

This degree isn’t just for pageant contestants anymore. “Communications” is a very diverse field and includes spoken, written, and non-verbal cues. Getting a strong foundation on basically how to work with people—and subtly manipulate them to do as you wish—is the ultimate tool for entrepreneurs. Make sure to specialize in a field of communications that will be valuable to future employers or to your own business.

4. Computer Engineering/Computer Science.

If you majored in this, you already have a knack for tech savviness that can take any business to the next level. From web development to IT systems, to creating hardware, there is tons that you can do with this degree. You can start-up a tech company and make the most of the digital era or even work for a entrepreneurial minded Tech company and work your way up the ranks.

5. Philosophy.

Yes, there’s plenty more you can do with a philosophy degree than “just teach”. Learning critical thinking skills, thinking outside the box and elegant debating are all crucial for a small business owner. It gives you a foundation for connecting with others, seeing different perspectives and, ultimately, getting to know what makes people (like customers) tick. This may be the least desirable degree to employers, but if you come with a packed resume of businesses you have started or guides and content you have put out, they will sure hire you

6. Health Professions.

If you can create a career in the field of health you will never go out of work. Better yet, if you create a desirable business in this field you will never go broke. Healthcare professionals will always be needed and if your truly have a passion for this you can major in either Clinical Lab Sciences, Kinesiology, Physical Therapy, Biochemistry and much more. The end goal will be to open up your own practice or offer consulting services to patients and businesses.


Take your degree and see how it fits into entrepreneurial success. You’re sure to find a few connections and capitalizing on them is what will give you that competitive edge against applicants and in the entrepreneurial world.


Stay Awesome everybody,


Aaron AOG

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