Trump, Hillary and The 48 Laws of Power

“Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less” 

      Less is more. In today’s book of the day, 48 Laws of Power, Author Robert Greene states 48 rules that any man wanting to gain more power must do it subtly, yet cunning. Democratic yet devious. 

      Law 4 is about saying less, and become more actionable. Greene gives a story known as his Transgressions, about a Roman militant here, Coriolanus. He was only know. For his epic feats on the battlefield, but when running for a political position, the people became wary of him. 

      When going to a new place, situation or event, it’s not good to portsy a notion of knowing everything or having a reply to everything. No one knows you and the more you make yourself available, the less they respect you and the less they think of you. 

“A person who cannot control his words shows that he cannot control himself, and is unworthy of respect.” 

The more Coriolanus said, the less powerful he appeared. He began to say offenses to the people and was later banished from Rome. From a Hero to literally a Zero. 

      It’s funny how relevant this topic is to our current Presidential Election cycle. Trump who is known for his outlandish and vulgar comments would have been banished in the Roman Times. Hillary who actually follows this Law to a T fails to upheave other more important laws, but is not criticized for her speech. 

      Hillary email investigation was one that should have put her behind bars after tossing away the lives of American troops and their families, but she has come out from that situation unscathed, why so? 

      During the months of investigation she did not speak to press for 12 months, never publicly talked about the issue and was silent.  

“Silence kept those around him terrified and under his thumbs”- Greene on King Louis XIV 

      Since she kept quiet of the situation it helped alleviate her situation. But she failed to hold to reversal of this law which is to speak on matters where being silent is wrong. 

      She saved herself from the FBI, by avoiding the topic, but has lost her trust in the masses, the American people, by keeping them in the dark and toying with the lives of their citizens. She has self willingly, tarnished her self image. 

If you’ve read 48 Laws leave a comment with your favorite chapter or concept down below!  

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