Be What You Want. Do What You Want. Have What You Want. 

Be. Do. Have

Be Do Have is a three step concept of, 

  1. Always being who you are and putting yourself first
  2. Doing things that will fulfill your being.
  3. Having the things you want that make you happy from doing the things that made you happy. 

      There’s a story of a college student who truly believed that getting a law degree, working in a law firm, using his money to buy a huge house and cars, that he was going to be happy. But it was the complete opposite. He was sad and never enjoyed work. He took a Do, Have, Be approach, putting himself last. 

Be who you want to be and be the winner. Take care of yourself first, and Be who want to be. 

Then you will Do the things that are aligned with your being. You’ll get the degree that fits your criteria, you’ll succeed in a career that is aligned to your values, you will attract the type of people you want in your life. 

Lastly you will Have the life you want. It will happen naturally. It will be attracted into your being. 




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