Nathan Chan, founder of Foundr Entrepreneur Magazine talks about lessons he’s learnt from starting a digital media publishing platform. He talks about how within five months of launching his magazine how they got billionaire Sir Richard Branson to be on the cover. He talks about how the ABC‘s- Always Be Closing concept has helped Foundr to acquire high level influencer’s and generate profits through their products. Influencer’s such as Justin Kan, Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel of KISSMetrics and much much more have been featured in his magazine, podcast and blog. .

In the interview he speaks about how Foundr grew their Instagram following to 100,ooo+ followers in less than a year. Using simple steps such as

  • Consistently posting
  • Using a call to action
  • Creating engaging and informative content

He also talks about the massive benefits to outsourcing jobs such as video and AV to Hungary, Digital Design to India and Content Curation to the US.

Nathan Chan is based out Melbourne, Australia


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