Here Is Why Only Certain People Become Successful

Tai Lopez recently reviewed the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. A personal favorite here at Advantage Group. Tai makes a good statement on why do we study average so much. Why do we study that the average person makes this much, or sleeps this much or creates this much. This book defies that. Gladwell studies the Outliers; people that were against all odds and still succeeded in life. He shows how a lot of luck factors into ones success. In the book Gladwell  states that if Bill Gates was not to be born to a upper class family and be located near a high tech computer center he would have never founded Microsoft. Bill Gates had the luck of being born to a fairly wealthy family and being able to attend a school that had access to computers in the 60’s, and he used that luck to his advantage.

Another great thing to learn is how opportunity is everywhere in our lives. Even though Bill Gates had the opportunity to access a computer in the 60’s and 70’s, he probably wasn’t aware of how ahead of the curve he was. He wasn’t aware of the possibilities at the time. But Bill found a passion and stuck with it making him one of the most successful people on the entire planet

So why do certain people become so successful and others don’t. It’s simple. They were given an advantage, an opportunty in life and they leveraged it to their benefit. If you find any successful person you will find one or many opportunities that helped propel them to where they are today.

Tai goes on to explain how statistically, he’s at a disadvantage. He wasn’t born wealthy, was born to a single mom, didn’t graduate from college and had many hardships throughout life. But then he goes to say how all of his businesses and projects are socially centered. He’s always been a social person and he used that strength to his advantage. Tai opened nightclubs, a socially centered environment, he has created numerous dating sites, a socially centered space, he even has his own interactive book club, another socially centered project.

If Tai had never opened his first night club and used his social intelligence to make it great, he would have never been where he is today.

It’s a very interesting book to read and an interesting topic on how a small window of opportunity helped propel what would be averge people to become the best of the best.

If you have the time or ever come across the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, we highly recommend you read it. You will learn a lot of valuable information that will be easy to apply into your life.

Stay blessed everyone


Aaron AOG

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