Adapt or Die With Andy Frisella

Andy Frisella, CEO of 1st Phorm, Alpine Sports, Carbon Fibre Nutrition, Paradise Distribution and Frisella & Klien Enterprises. Andy prides himself on being a MFCEO a Motha Fucking CEO. A motto he uses that conveys a do whatever it takes and having a boss like attitude.

Most recently on his podcast show, The MFCEO Project, Frisella spoke on how the most successful people are the most resourceful. They create a whole lot of something out of nothing. You MUST develop these skills. You must be resourceful or you will die. You will die working a minimum wage job, you will die complaining about all the ‘faults’ in your life when really they could be used to your advantage.  This concept perfectly blends into the Adapt or Die concept. We live in a world where its no longer the fittest or fastest that succeed. It’s those who can find the cutting edge and use it to their advantage. Its those who adapt.  It’s those who are willing to change their routine to a better one that will improve their livelihood. and being resourceful comes along with those who adapt. When you adapt you will find the resources to assist your change.

A great example of this is Uber. CEO Travis Kalanik found an issue in the transportation industry. He found that taking a cab was eery, their prices were too high and the whole system was non efficient. So he began to make his own method of streamlining transportation which started as UberCab in 2007. After re-branding efforts and raising capital they shorten the name to Uber. Uber is now valued at $66 Billion. Kalanik created a $66 Billion dollar company out of nothing.

If an average fraternity guy like Kalanik can do it, then you too can.

Stay through for the whole podcast with Mr. Frisella. At the end he gives the 5 requirements to being a resourceful person.


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