5 Habits You Must Give Up To Succeed In Your 20’s.

If you follow the good habits successful people have,the chances are high that you’ll eventually be a success as well.

Habits can make or break you. A good habit will help you stay on top of things while bad habits will hold you back or cause distractions limiting your chances of being successful. I’ve struggled with many bad habits early on in my entrepreneurial journey and correcting those habits allowed me to get to the next level.

The 5 bad habits you need to loose to become successful 


1. Needing Other People’s Approval 

Early on in my life, I fell victim to this too. I cared about what every single person thought and I wanted to make sure that I was able to make everyone in the entire world happy. The harsh reality is that it’ll never happen. The sooner you realize that you cannot satisfy everyone in the world and you need to stop caring about what people have to say/think, the quicker you’ll be able to move forward.

Eventually, you’re going to have to choose between your own ego and what’s good for you to be successful. If you can be okay with hearing negativity and criticism and you don’t allow that to derail you on your path, you’re one step closer to being successful.

In short have a clear vision of your path and know exactly what it will take to achieve that. Along the way you will feel shy or repressed from expressing your goals to others because their mindset doesn’t align with yours, but forget all that and share your thoughts and values with everyone. You will be surprised to find that a few of them are int he same boat as you.


2. Thinking You Can Be Perfect

Stop focusing on perfecting things, start pushing things to the market as soon as possible and seeing how much you can learn from valuable feedback.

Nothing is perfect. In the most detailed Picasso paintings he would still show you the imperfections in it. In the beautiful scenery of a pacific cean beach you will be boun to find one piece of litter. There’s a mantra that goes “It doesn’t have to be perfect, It just needs to get done”. Do practice this instead of being overwhelemed by analysis paralysis and wasting time perfecting someting that no one else has even seen.


3. Starting Things That You Don’t Finish 

Our mind runs wild and we’re constantly looking for new opportunities. When these new opportunities come around, you drop your previous projects and move onto new ones. This eventually becomes an endless cycle that ends up taking your life into a spiral. We live in such an ADD society and being focused is what will separate you from the rest.

Its much muc harder to start something, abruptl end itand comeback to finish it. Your mind is already distracted by the other ask you went to do and coming back to your original task will be even more draining. Vow to finish whatever project you begin. It will save you time and a lot of headaches.


4. Letting Yourself Go 

As someone who’s busy, work is constantly on your mind. It rules your day and sometimes even your night leaving very little time for everything else. When I talk about letting yourself go, I’m not just talking about it from a looks standpoint.


You have to create a routine where you have time to exercise, eat properly, spend time with your loved ones and do things that are fun, but have no relation with your business. Creating balance in your life is extremely important and many new entrepreneurs tend to forget about everything else when they launch their first business. This habit is not only extremely dangerous to your health, but it’s something you’ll regret many years down the line.


5. Excuses

Everyone makes excuses for their actions, downfalls and failures in life. We as humans naturally use excuses as a defense mechanism to justify a result.

Own up to everything you do. Just like if you sold your next company for $1 billion, you would probably own up and take some credit for the success. When you fail, you need to own up and take credit. Not only will you be mentally stronger, but people will perceive you to be a stand up person. One who can take credit during success must be able to do the same during failure. Stop making excuses, own up to it and you’ll see you being far more successful.



All in all, habits are the things that can make or break the successes in your life. In this post, we shared 5 bad habits that you must give up to succeed. Are there some other habits that you gave up on your path to success?


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Source: Jeet Banerjee


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