Casey Neistat sits down with The School of Greatness hosted by Lewis Howes in today’s article. 

Casey Neistat is a YouTuber and American Entrepreneur and has carved his own path into the media world. He’s is the CEO of Beme social media and has over 5Million subscribers on YouTube and generates over a Billion views on his videos. So he’s definitely a person worth watching. 
Click the video below to watch into the mind of greatness

The main Takeaways were,

  1. A life not shared is a life not lived. You need family and friends to share it with .
  2. Work harder than everyone else. Be brave and do things that others won’t, you WILL succeed. It will be scary but you will suceed
  3. Health is the best gift given to you. Everything you are is facilitated by your being. Fitness and health are key. Your brain is your soul but your body is the shell. Once that shell is gone theres nothing left.

“greatness is to die broke, leaving the world a better place it was than when you were born.” 

-Casey Neistat