Why Your Weaknesses Are Your Strength

In a London Real Interview with Kevin Kelly, the founder and executive editor of popular tech journal, Wired Magazine. He spoke about how our inefficiencies, areas that we lack in are our biggest strengths. He relates to how we outsource task we are good to robots, such as math calculations, cash registers, escalators, complex computing software’s. An where we see people that are great are in area that are difficult such as business, health, sports etc, are inefficient sectors.

A lot of people fail at these, a lot of people don’t have the right information, but some how with these barriers, we still succeed and excel and strive to become great in these areas. Kelly goes on to say because it is our nature.

It is human to want to take on big risks, to acquire more to excel no matter the difficulty.  So if you have a weakness whether personally, socially, financially or emotionally, try to build upon them and make them your strengths.

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