How well is your ability to solve problems? 

Have you ever wondered how Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos figured out how it costs to put rockets in space while others have trouble picking which movie they want to see.

Watch the video below to learn about the Law of Reciprocity: The amount you give out = The amount you receive. 

At this moment in time I am solving $500 problems weekly. So I get paid $500+ per job assignment. I want to tackle bigger problems in life such as preventative injury and medicine through Physical Therapy and Holistic Care, the problem of people not being enlightened, through social media and blogging, the issue of hunger in parts of India and the US and many, many more things.

In YOUR life, what problems can you find that you can solve?

Send me an email, leave a comment down below or tweet me @AOG_Enterprises with what problems your solving!


Aaron AOG