How I Still Suceeded After Being REJECTED by Shark Tank



Aaron Marino, CEO and Content Creator of the alpha.m project was a contestant on the hit show Shark Tank. He was pitching his DVD style program that would help average Joe’s dress better. Sadly, none of the shark bit at Aaron’s pitch and he left the set without a deal. But in the video below, Aaron discusses how being rejected by Shark Tank propelled his success with his business. His YouTube channel is one of the only male directed style page with over 1 Million Subscribers. He has been able to create high profile connects, and lucrative sponsor deals all while being rejected from Shark Tank. Aaron as well invites a close friend that was awarded deal by Daymond John while on Shark Tank, and they discuss his successes after being awarded a Shark Tank deal. 

This video is a perfect example of how to use failures and stumbles to fuel your drive and passion to succeed. That why they say “There are no losses, you either win or you learn.” Aaron was able to look past the blow and was able to see what he needed to do to create successful business.

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