Getting Rich

I have been reading and studying the methods to getting rich.


So far none of them are ‘easy’.


The pathway to wealth goes something like this.


Go to college, graduate with a good degree. Get into a performance based position. Kill it at the job for your first year. Save as much post tax income as possible.

Year 2: repeat the same thing and improve upon your job performance from the year before, but now spend ALL your free time building a location independent source of income. This is up to you and your lifestyle. (Can be freelance, affiliate marketing, products, services etc) Grow this source of income to at least $1k a month in your first year.

Repeat this process of excelling at your job getting promotions and higher pay raises while scaling your side business, fast.

By year two or three within the process you will have a perfect exit strategy. To either switch careers or run your business full time.


Do this for a couple more years til you hit your end goal. This can be a number or a lifestyle.


For me, I want $12 million liquid in a bank account a healthy and fit body, a couple of cute hotties with a Ferrari parked out back. Couple this with unlimited travel and time to train and see my friends and family again.


That’s my reality of financial freedom.


What is yours?

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