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Investor, Forex Trader and a College Football Player. How Lewis Neal Does It ALL.

It would take a while to list everything that LSU’s Lewis Neal has on his plate these days, so we’ll try to give you the condensed version. A senior defensive end, Neal led the Tigers with eight sacks last season. This year, in first-year defensive coordinator Dave Aranda’s new 3-4 scheme, he’s expected to playContinue reading “Investor, Forex Trader and a College Football Player. How Lewis Neal Does It ALL.”

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Instasnap? Snapagram? Instagram’s New Story Feature and Why You Should Get on It.

Yesterday, Instagram rolled out a new feature to its app called Stories. Similar to Snapchat where you can take live video and pictures and upload them to your story. The snaps will be deleted after 24 hours, just like Snapchat. Instagram has just surpassed Snapchat. This is because  Instagram is backed by Facebook. It isContinue reading “Instasnap? Snapagram? Instagram’s New Story Feature and Why You Should Get on It.”

Tesla Opens New Gigafactory

Somewhere nestled in the Nevada desert will sit Tesla Gigafactory. In cooperation with Panasonic and other strategic partners, the Gigafactory will produce batteries for significantly less cost using economies of scale, innovative manufacturing, reduction of waste, and the simple concept of manufacturing everything in house.  The Gigafactory will be powered by renewable energy sources, withContinue reading “Tesla Opens New Gigafactory”

Trump, Hillary and The 48 Laws of Power

“Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less”        Less is more. In today’s book of the day, 48 Laws of Power, Author Robert Greene states 48 rules that any man wanting to gain more power must do it subtly, yet cunning. Democratic yet devious.        Law 4 is about sayingContinue reading “Trump, Hillary and The 48 Laws of Power”

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Hello Advantage Readers, We are beginning a new segment on this webpage where we will report daily news content to our readers. The news will range from what we are doing at Advantage Group to local news, gossip, media etc. But mainly it will be content you can learn from and apply to your dailyContinue reading “Advantage Group News”