4 Things About Traveling Most People Don’t Know…

Travel instills important lessons and strengthens skills that directly translate to effectiveness as an entrepreneur. In order to maximize your travel experience, you need to be able to integrate the experiences you have had into your business and activities. Traveling is a strategic business investment that will take you further than anything will and itContinue reading “4 Things About Traveling Most People Don’t Know…”

Here Is Why Only Certain People Become Successful

Tai Lopez recently reviewed the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. A personal favorite here at Advantage Group. Tai makes a good statement on why do we study average so much. Why do we study that the average person makes this much, or sleeps this much or creates this much. This book defies that. Gladwell studies theContinue reading “Here Is Why Only Certain People Become Successful”

Why I Read A Book A Day

When you read a book a day you feel like your brain is on fire. You can connect ideas faster, discover new opportunities, and you view the world in a completely new perspective. There are so many benefit to reading. 3 benefits are You Become More Intelligent  The average person reads six books a year.Continue reading “Why I Read A Book A Day”

Trump, Hillary and The 48 Laws of Power

“Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less”        Less is more. In today’s book of the day, 48 Laws of Power, Author Robert Greene states 48 rules that any man wanting to gain more power must do it subtly, yet cunning. Democratic yet devious.        Law 4 is about sayingContinue reading “Trump, Hillary and The 48 Laws of Power”

“What I Learnt From Losing $25,000.”

In Sam Walton’s Made in America, on page 50, the chapter about Bouncing Back, Sam talks about how he lost $25,000 in attempts to raising fund to construct pavement for a shopping center during his business days pre-Walmart. The deal began to become complicated and he had to back out, leaving him in the hole.Continue reading ““What I Learnt From Losing $25,000.””

Advantage Group News

Hello Advantage Readers, We are beginning a new segment on this webpage where we will report daily news content to our readers. The news will range from what we are doing at Advantage Group to local news, gossip, media etc. But mainly it will be content you can learn from and apply to your dailyContinue reading “Advantage Group News”

Book of the Day – 001

Just recently picked up this book Sam Walton Made in America by Sam Walton and John Huey. A renowned yet very underated business book on how Sam Walton built Walmart to become the billionaire retailer it is today.  Some great quotes and stories from the first few chapters are  “My competitive nature was such thatContinue reading “Book of the Day – 001”

Why You Should Read More Sociology

In the world of personal development, sales and business there is a lot of talk on why you should study personality types, cognitive biases and body language. All various realms of psychology. It’s great and gives you the advantage to read your opponents or customers next move so you can properly accommodate them. But aContinue reading “Why You Should Read More Sociology”

These Books Will Make You Rich!

      A short list of books that will teach you the prickles of making money, achieving lasting happiness, acquiring power and social ingenuity. These books contain a vast amount of golden nuggets which will sharpen up your mindset. Each books varies between 200-450 pages worth of reading. So only go into the firstContinue reading “These Books Will Make You Rich!”