Be What You Want. Do What You Want. Have What You Want. 

Be. Do. Have Be Do Have is a three step concept of,  Always being who you are and putting yourself first Doing things that will fulfill your being. Having the things you want that make you happy from doing the things that made you happy.        There’s a story of a college studentContinue reading “Be What You Want. Do What You Want. Have What You Want. “

Tesla Opens New Gigafactory

Somewhere nestled in the Nevada desert will sit Tesla Gigafactory. In cooperation with Panasonic and other strategic partners, the Gigafactory will produce batteries for significantly less cost using economies of scale, innovative manufacturing, reduction of waste, and the simple concept of manufacturing everything in house.  The Gigafactory will be powered by renewable energy sources, withContinue reading “Tesla Opens New Gigafactory”

How Doing More Will Inspire You To Be Great

In a interview on London Real, Ben Greenfield who is widely proclaimed as the ultimate biohacker and fittest person on Earth spoke about how he achieved such amazing feats in hs life. “By involving myself in doing more things, I inspired others to be great.” Learn more about Ben at Keep Pushing,   AaronContinue reading “How Doing More Will Inspire You To Be Great”

The Time To Go ALL IN is Now!

      These 31 days this month is the time to double and triple down on your skills. Double down on your workouts, double down on those sales calls, double down on your reading, double down on anything that will get you ahead.        Because while  everyone is outrelaxing and  vacationing, weContinue reading “The Time To Go ALL IN is Now!”

3 Tips To Success In Your 20’s from Millionaire Grant Cardone.

Grant Cardone (@GrantCardone on Snapchat) opened his Snapchat to a Q&A. I asked him what were 3 things he wished he had done in his 20’s that he didn’t do, and his response was very insightful. Gone Bigger This was a surprise to hear from the 10X Man who has a beautiful family, lives onContinue reading “3 Tips To Success In Your 20’s from Millionaire Grant Cardone.”

College Degrees Entrepreneurial Minded Students Should Major In

If your’re in college and ant to start a business, know that your major can directly correlate with your success in college and after college. So it is key to choose the right major that satisfies both your natural talents and creates a practical career. These 5 majors are great options for incoming college students,Continue reading “College Degrees Entrepreneurial Minded Students Should Major In”

“What I Learnt From Losing $25,000.”

In Sam Walton’s Made in America, on page 50, the chapter about Bouncing Back, Sam talks about how he lost $25,000 in attempts to raising fund to construct pavement for a shopping center during his business days pre-Walmart. The deal began to become complicated and he had to back out, leaving him in the hole.Continue reading ““What I Learnt From Losing $25,000.””