What The Law of Attraction is Missing…

The Law of Attraction is a concept stating that if one wants something, with using positive thoughts and being open to the fact that you will get it, you will get what you want. A concept I truly believe in and have seen work, but it has its flaws. There was a time when IContinue reading “What The Law of Attraction is Missing…”

Some Golden Nuggets for the 4th ðŸ‡ºðŸ‡¸

London Real, Tai Lopez Some knowledge for your 4th of July weekend. A very contrarian interview filled with golden nuggets from entrepreneur Tai Lopez on LondonReal. Enjoy the blesh of Stoicism and Epicurean thought. Clink the blue link above 👆 to watch. Happy 4th of July to everyone and be safe 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 -AOG

Why You Should Read More Sociology

In the world of personal development, sales and business there is a lot of talk on why you should study personality types, cognitive biases and body language. All various realms of psychology. It’s great and gives you the advantage to read your opponents or customers next move so you can properly accommodate them. But aContinue reading “Why You Should Read More Sociology”

Snapchat Study Secret

First, if you are a college student, entrepreneur, business owner or social media expert, and DON’T have a Snapchat account, you are behind the curve. Snapchat is a great medium to share live uploads of your daily experiences and re-watch for 24 hours. But Snapcat also has an influence in the classroom. Recently in AnatomyContinue reading “Snapchat Study Secret”

These Books Will Make You Rich!

      A short list of books that will teach you the prickles of making money, achieving lasting happiness, acquiring power and social ingenuity. These books contain a vast amount of golden nuggets which will sharpen up your mindset. Each books varies between 200-450 pages worth of reading. So only go into the firstContinue reading “These Books Will Make You Rich!”

Influential People to Follow

As Picasso said “Good artists copy, Great artists steal” For us who are on the path towards success we should models ourselves after successful people of our time. Here is a list of influential mover, shakers and legends who we should follow and emulate. Make sure to either read their autobiographies or to follow themContinue reading “Influential People to Follow”

Elon Musk, Mars Expeditions and Autonomous Driving. 

Elon Musk, Mars and Driverless Cars. Today Salomondrin, a prominent YouTube automotive enthusiast and entrepreneur revealed his purchase of a brand new Tesla Model X. It gets better. He later goes on to state that one of Tesla’s goals with their cars is to create fully driverless cars.  IS THE TESLA MODEL X THE GREATESTContinue reading “Elon Musk, Mars Expeditions and Autonomous Driving. “

7 Ways To Succeed In School & Life!

7 Ways To Ensure Success While In School Hey you! And thank you for taking the time to read ‘7 Ways To Ensure Success While In School’. We appreciate your time and hope you receive a lot of value from this. Please leave a comment on this article below clearly stating what you enjoyed andContinue reading “7 Ways To Succeed In School & Life!”

Welcome to AOG-INC and the Advantage Group

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read our first post. This will be the main website for AOG-INC, the Advantage Group and much more ventures to come. So, who are we? We are a collective of intellectual thinkers that want to strive to become a better version of our selves every singleContinue reading “Welcome to AOG-INC and the Advantage Group”