Why I Read A Book A Day

When you read a book a day you feel like your brain is on fire. You can connect ideas faster, discover new opportunities, and you view the world in a completely new perspective. There are so many benefit to reading. 3 benefits are You Become More Intelligent  The average person reads six books a year.Continue reading “Why I Read A Book A Day”

Be What You Want. Do What You Want. Have What You Want. 

Be. Do. Have Be Do Have is a three step concept of,  Always being who you are and putting yourself first Doing things that will fulfill your being. Having the things you want that make you happy from doing the things that made you happy.        There’s a story of a college studentContinue reading “Be What You Want. Do What You Want. Have What You Want. “

College Degrees Entrepreneurial Minded Students Should Major In

If your’re in college and ant to start a business, know that your major can directly correlate with your success in college and after college. So it is key to choose the right major that satisfies both your natural talents and creates a practical career. These 5 majors are great options for incoming college students,Continue reading “College Degrees Entrepreneurial Minded Students Should Major In”

“What I Learnt From Losing $25,000.”

In Sam Walton’s Made in America, on page 50, the chapter about Bouncing Back, Sam talks about how he lost $25,000 in attempts to raising fund to construct pavement for a shopping center during his business days pre-Walmart. The deal began to become complicated and he had to back out, leaving him in the hole.Continue reading ““What I Learnt From Losing $25,000.””

Life Tips from Elon Musk

Elon Musk is among the top entrepreneurs who are in the news almost every day and have a vast impact on the latest technology trends. One day you will see Elon Musk in the news for Tesla motors and the other day you will be watching him celebrating the achievements of SpaceX. As an entrepreneur,Continue reading “Life Tips from Elon Musk”

What The Law of Attraction is Missing…

The Law of Attraction is a concept stating that if one wants something, with using positive thoughts and being open to the fact that you will get it, you will get what you want. A concept I truly believe in and have seen work, but it has its flaws. There was a time when IContinue reading “What The Law of Attraction is Missing…”

Influential People to Follow

As Picasso said “Good artists copy, Great artists steal” For us who are on the path towards success we should models ourselves after successful people of our time. Here is a list of influential mover, shakers and legends who we should follow and emulate. Make sure to either read their autobiographies or to follow themContinue reading “Influential People to Follow”